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[Cleo] is an endless fund of stories, many of which have found their way into this book. A good story requires a good storyteller. And, as Coffee with Cleo demonstrates, Cleo Franklin is up there among the best… In this book, Cleo has successfully deployed the magical and powerful subtleties of storytelling and delivered them most engagingly. Its 10 chapters are filled with insightful stories based on brutal honesty, personal experience, and self-reflection.

Anand Mahindra, executive chairman, Mahindra Group

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I have always been told that a good speech, lecture, webinar, or book should possess the 3Es:  Educate, Entertain, and Encourage. Coffee with Cleo is a work of heart, passion, leadership, and legacy. I am one of the lucky ones … I have had coffee with Cleo and the chance to listen to stories, analogies, tips, and traits, inspiring me to live life abundantly. I am excited others will get to know my friend and glean from those incredible moments that happen at Coffee with Cleo.

Aaron Alejandro, executive director, Texas FFA Foundation

Keynotes and Interviews

Prior to creating Franklin Strategic Solutions, Franklin spent eight years with Mahindra as chief marketing officer and EVP of strategic planning for Mahindra Americas. During his tenure, he led new business development, strategic planning, marketing, corporate social responsibility, market research, product development, and dealer development for North America and South America.

Growth and Focus

Under his leadership, Mahindra increased business revenues by seven times, doubled brand awareness, and is now ranked among the top three tractor manufacturers in the 0–120 horsepower tractor industry in North America. Franklin’s game-changing and innovative brand-growth strategies also spanned internationally as he helped develop Mahindra’s acclaimed “Come Rise With Us” global brand strategy.

Business Strategy and Performance

Franklin founded Franklin Strategic Solutions (FSS), a global consulting business that focuses on leadership development, business development, business/brand strategy, keynote speaking, and executive coaching for business and non-profit industries.To find out more about FSS, click here.

Leadership and Professional Development

He is also the founder of Morningside University’s “Franklin Leadership Foundation.” The foundation’s purpose is centered on creating future leaders today by partnering with businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations to develop future leaders through internships, scholarships, experiential learning, and providing professional development and career mentoring access to high school and college students. To find out more about the Franklin Leadership Foundation, please click here.

Sometimes we wonder if God cares about us. Then we meet a person that not only cheers us up momentarily but touches our being in such a way that we know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, we don't walk this life alone. Cleo is that person. The wisdom, truth, empathy, and witty compassion shared in Coffee with Cleo has a divine scoop of sugar. Just enough so that you taste and see that God is good.

Festus Amoye, founder and CEO, Laddering Your Success

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